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Februari 15, 2011

NEW!! Bike Pants - Nipmuc X Hobahoba

Nipmuc Jeans released their latest bike pants version.
Now with black made this pants more edgy.
All of their features still attached in this pants, with addition of a hanger next to the U lock.
Made with stretchy material, this awesome pants comes with black and slim fit cutting.
Whenever you ride your bike with this pants in your leg, you will become awesome.
Say goodbye to your old and vapid look when you wear this pants strolling around town with your bike.
Feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins, be more perky with this pants.
Just remember this Brakeless Is Not Only What You Need.

Desember 27, 2010

Nipmuc X Hobahoba! Bike Pants

Stretchy, comfy and rebellious in all the right areas, the Hobahoba x Nipmuc Jeans 
Cycling Pants is the perfect bottom for fixie riders who want to look a l
ittle smart and badass on their ride. 
The pants sport a U lock holster at the rear and Velcro closure at the ankles so your 
cuffs don’t get tangled. The side pockets employ snap-button closure so nothing falls 
out while you're riding. This pants really clears out all of your vapid look when you ride, 
instead it will make you look one hell of a perky riders.
Available now at Sup Clothing 34 Haji Lane, Singapore 189227 T +65 62979384.

Desember 12, 2010

Nipmuc X Hobahoba

Nipmuc Jeans made a breaktrough invention for all you bike riders.
Collaborated with Hobahoba, the hippest urban lifestyle blog in Bandung. They made 
an astonishing bike pants. With this badass pants, you bike riders can ride your bike 
with comfort. This pants made with strecth material to make you feel like heaven when 
you ride your bike. Wear this Nipmuc X Hobahoba! bike pants whenever you ride your bike 
and feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins and it will make you feels like a 
badass bikerider. This pants suits the lifestyle of all you bike riders. Comfy but rebellious 
pants will made you look good whenever you stroll around the town with your bike. Only this 
words can describe this hell of a pants, Brakeless Is Not Only What You Need.

DOBRAK: Nipmuc Jeans Launching Party

November 30, 2010

DOBRAK: Pesta Peluncuran Produk